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Remember when they had those dreamy thigh rolls?

M Fee Photography

Capturing this time, this season of your life, is so unique and truly once in a lifetime. So often the only family photos we have are the posed "smile at the camera" holiday photos or selfies, which don't reflect what our sweet, chaotic, and beautifully messy lives actually look like. Let's capture those moments that make you think "these are the years... we're in them". 

Nothing seems to be as bittersweet as watching your babies grow up. There's this constant battle between wanting to freeze time and being so excited to see them take that next step. But we all know babies don't keep and time's a thief, clich├ęs that are painfully true. If you're anything like me, you scroll through old photos of your babies on your phone after putting them to bed saying "oh they were so little". 


 today's moments

"These are gorgeous and celebratory and wonderful, thank you for sharing yet another one of your gifts with all of us. These are beautiful." 

"Oh Marisa. These are glorious. You captured the essence of the room. Thank you for this gift."

"Thank you Marisa for the fun, creative session. I love all of the images. When I look at them, I see myself."

The day you've been waiting for! Your gallery will be delivered ~2 weeks after your session. And let me tell you, don't let those cherished images stay on a screen, your images are meant to be printed and passed down. Think about the heirloom photos your grandkids will one day be gushing over.
Print the photos.

Your personalized art


So many clients tell me how nervous they were for their session, only to say they had so much fun. That's what we'll do during your session, play! Stagnant poses aren't my style, so get ready to let your hair down, and just let your personalities shine. 

The session


The fun part! Each session is personalized to create a tone and atmosphere that feels like your family. I know figuring out what to wear can be intimidating, so I'll guide you to help create a cohesive look. 

Details + Styling


Reach out and let me know how I can serve your family. We will talk about your family's current season of life and how we can capture it to create precious memories for generations to come.

enquire + Booking


-Digital collection of hand-crafted images
-Individually retouched images
-Printing + downloading rights to gallery

All Sessions include:

from $695

In the Life sessions use a journalistic approach to capture everyday sweetness in quiet moments and the usual chaos. There's nothing posed about these free flowing sessions, invite me to be a fly on the wall in a typical in-home day or a fun outing. Either way I can't wait to document the unsung moments that make-up your life.  Sessions start at 2 hours.

In the Life

AVG $375

For the family that wants to connect and put what's important to you into tangible, beautiful imagery of this season of life. Our main focus is to highlight your family's unique character. Bring on the big personalities, muddy toes, and belly laughs, let's explore!


30, 60 + 90 minute sessions available

from $575

For that first sweet year of life. 


+ 30 minute maternity
   or 1 year
+ 1 hour newborn

+ 30 minute maternity 
+ 1 hour newborn
+ 30 minute 1 year

+ 30 minute maternity 
+ 1 hour newborn
+ 30 minute 6 months
+ 1 hour 1 year




All milestone sessions include the whole family